Training Options


Lading offers Webinars on CCO Certification Training, Sales & Marketing Module, Auto Rating, Security & Registry Settings, Workflows, and System Optimization. Webinars are two hours long and may have multiple sessions. All webinars are held online and come with a custom Lading workbook on the topic.


Lading offers hands on, multi day seminars on a variety of topics. These Seminars are held around the United States and feature Lading employees providing general training on the topic as well as answer company specific questions. All attendees will receive custom Lading workbooks to accompany the seminar.

Upcoming CCO Certification Webinars

September — Begins September 7, 2017

October — Begins October 4 or 7, 2017

November — Begins November 1, 2017

December — TBD

Additional Webinars on WebTracker, Reports, Sales & Marketing, and Registry are available. Please consult the calendar below.

To register, please email us.

Upcoming Seminars

October 23-25 — Workflows, Auto Rating, and Reporting at WiseTech HQ

To register, please email us.

On Site & Remote Training

Lading can train any aspect of CargoWise One in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Are you new to CargoWise One and need an overview? We can help. Do you want to manage your IT in house but your IT Manager only speaks Spanish? We can help here too.

Our trainers will come on site, provide training online, or can be reached via our Support platform. And don't worry about quality, most of our trainers are ex-WiseTech employees who wrote the eLearning material for the topics they train on.