What is Lading Support?

Lading Support Plans help companies to maintain and generate maximum value from their CargoWise One platform. Our Plans are geared towards companies who want a team of experts to manage their CargoWise system as well as provide ongoing detailed training and technical support to employees.

Plan Options

Monthly Plans

Monthly Helpdesk Plans are designed for companies who want a dedicated resource available at all times to respond to user needs as they arise. With the Monthly Plans, you will have a guranteed response times in which you will receive an answer to your question or issue.

Pay as you go Plans

The Pay as you go Plan is designed for companies who have a short-term support need or are not yet ready to commit to a Monthly Plan. Companies who select the Pay as you go Plan can submit a request through our portal for a Lading team member to answer platform related questions, trouble local issues, and more.

Database Management Plans

Does your company use eAdapter, EDI Messaging, or connect to any external databases or systems? If so, the Database Management Plan may be something you want to consider. We ensure minimal downtime and proper data flow between your systems and customers.

Business Process Optimization

What is it?

Business Process Optimization helps companies that use Auto Rating, EDI Messaging, EDI Billing, Custom Reports, Workflows or most other optimization tools inside CargoWise One by keeping these optimizations up to date and operating correctly.

Difference to Database Management Plan

Unlike the Database Management Plan, which focuses on keeping your database and its connections functioning properly, the Business Process Optimization Plan focuses on the data inside the reports, rate sheets, XML files, and so on.