Plug In Products

eAdaptor & Server Setup

Pre-Built eAdaptor Setup

Lading has a proprietary eAdaptor configuration that can be added to any CargoWise One platform in a fifth of the time required for a standard setup by a WiseService Partner. Paired with our eAdaptor Hosting, your company can now be set up with eAdaptor in a day.

eAdaptor Hosting

We understand that your company's core competency is logistics, not IT management. To that end, we offer and maintain pre-configured eAdaptor hosting so you can focus on what you do best. Lading's offering is also a fraction of the cost of self-hosting on Azure or AWS.


In a perfect world, data coming in to CargoWise One would be formatted to work best with the WiseCloud database. However, for those instances where data needs to be converted, our middleware will handle converting XML to CSV, XLSX, and other formats.

Container Tracking

Lading Container Tracking offers 98% accuracy with automatic updates every 12 hours for Ocean and 1 hour for Air freight.

Rate, Tariff, and Cost Uploader

Manually entering rates, costs, and tariffs is a hassle. Our upoader automates the heavy lifting for you.


Enable your clients to monitor shipments, upload orders and rates, track freight on maps, and communicate all in one platform.

Upcoming Products — Launching Summer 2017

Analytics & Reporting Platform

Improve your insight into your business, customers, and partners with our Analytics & Reporting Platform. Access CargoWise One data on your mobile devices, create custom tables, build and schedule reports with up to date data.

EDI Messaging Tool

Setting up electronic messages, notifications, and invoices is one of the best ways for a CargoWise One company to improve efficiency but the time and maintenance to do so is quite high. Our EDI Messaging Tool reduces set up time and expense.