Providing Consulting, Support, Training
& Plug-in Products to CargoWise One
Companies around the World

The Lading Difference

Lading is unlike any other WiseService partner in that we are a full service global company that can handle any task from implementing CargoWise One in Portuguese to building custom database interfaces that connects CargoWise One to South American govenments or third party accounting systems like QuickBooks as well as provide multilingual support and training on any CargoWise One module.

Our goal at Lading is to be your company's go-to option for any CargoWise One task. Please Contact Us today to schedule a time to speak to someone on the Lading team.

Our Team

Our team of certified WiseService professionals will help your company with any CargoWise One task, from providing training to pass the CCO certification to providing ongoing support for your system to ensure that it is always operating at peak performance.

Our Plug-in Products

Our Plug-in Products have been designed to expand the functionality of CargoWise One. Our proprietary Products include analytics platforms, EDI Messaging and Billing management tools, as well as eAdapter tools including IIS Servers and Middleware.