About Lading Corporation

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable all logistics companies, regardless of size, to unlock the maximum value of the CargoWise One system. We believe that the cornerstone of all companies are their systems and their data. We aspire to maintain and improve these areas for our clients so that they may build strong and successful businesses.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of certified WiseService partners with more than 30 years of experience in CargoWise One and EDI Enterprise. We are deeply knowledgeable about all 14 modules as well as possess an understanding of the big picture of how CargoWise One operates.

We also understand logistics and what makes a company successful. We know the elements that are specific to a shipper, forwarder, trucking or warehousing company and strive to help your organization within and outside of your CargoWise One ecosystem.

We are a global company with offices in Chile, China, Cyprus, South Africa, and the United States. Our team members speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Mandarin, and Afrikaans.