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Introduction To PAVE

What is PAVE?

Productivity, Acceleration & Visualisation Engine (PAVE) provides automated work scheduling, prioritization, visibility, and measurement tools. It is a technology layer which extends across the entire CargoWise One platform, significantly expanding the Workflow Engine's depth and richness of functionality.

Within PAVE, Visual Boards provide at-a-glance dashboards for operators and managers, including graphical data representations of workflow and productivity measures, to help increase communication, manage activities and resources, and reduce risk. Using the PAVE framework, you can accurately target improvements to Standard Operating Procedures by testing, measuring, and implementing moe effective ways of working.

Why should I use PAVE?

The business of logistics includes handling many events, for which the timing, sequence, and effort required are highly variable. For example, booking a pickup could take seconds or it might take many lengthy phone calls and conversations.

While the overall flow is fairly consistent, many variations exist PAVE is specifically designed to help your business automate routines (thereby reducing costs) and humanize the exceptions (potentially Increasing service levels).

How can I make the most of PAVE?

To date, businesses who get the most out of PAVE have a culture of continuous improvement. PAVE should be treated as a tool that will continuously challenge and evolve your processes and policies. Fully implementing PAVE is a multi-step process that enables companies to tailor the speed in which they drive change in their organization.

Lading can help your company utilize the PAVE methodology to the fullest extent, even those areas that do not use CargoWise One.

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