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What are Lading CargoWise One Helpdesk Plans?

Lading Helpdesk Plans help companies to maintain and generate maximum value from their CargoWise One platform. Our plans are geared towards companies who want a team of certified CargoWise One professionals to manage their CargoWise One system as well as provide ongoing detailed training and technical support to employees.

Monthly Helpdesk Plan Details
Level 1
Level 2
Response time 12 hrs 4 hrs
Priority 2 1
Answer platform related questions Yes Yes
Maintain permissions/security settings Yes Yes
Review and approve incidents Yes Yes
Set up new employees Yes Yes
Troubleshoot local issues Yes Yes
Create, change, and fix reports, workflows, and document templates no Yes
Host weekly training sessions no Yes
Liaise between CargoWise One and non CargoWise One system no Yes
Maintain auto rating no Yes
Perform CargoWise One updates, fix issues related to updates no Yes
Perform organization cleanup no Yes
Proactively address opportunities to better utilize CargoWise One no Yes
Provide access control/user admin services no Yes
Extended hours coverage (weekdays) $10 Extra Yes
Extended hours coverage (weekdays) no $10 Extra
24x7x365 coverage no $10 Extra
Per User Monthly Cost $70 $110
Monthly Minimum Charge $2,500 $3,000
Dedicated training and development resources can also be added for companies with long term needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lading Helpdesk
Yes and no. WiseTech has an incident logging portal built in to CargoWise One but it is more geared towards system issues. For example, let’s say an employee has a question on why Auto Rating is not working. WiseTech will send information on how Auto Rating should work, and may help if the issue is found to be in CargoWise One, but the material sent and answers given will focus on content found in the WiseLearning database. Lading Helpdesk, on the other hand, would read the ticket, initiate a screen sharing session with the employee, understand fully what the issue is, and then share how to resolve it or offer to resolve the issue for the employee. Further, this issue will then be logged in the company’s personal Learning Library so the solution can be referenced in the future.
All Lading Helpdesk employees are required to be CCP (CargoWise One Certified Professional) certified and have at least 5 years of experience providing support to CargoWise One companies.
We count users as active profiles in CargoWise One. Note that we can limit the users to a certain country but we do not go more granular than that.
That is up to each company. Some permit all employees to create tickets while others require that a ticket be approved by a designated resource (or resources) at a company.
All ticket progress is readily available inside the Lading Helpdesk platform. Just click on the ticket and you will see everything we are up to as well your dialogue with our team members.
Yes, we will schedule a platform walk through with your company before you start using Lading Helpdesk. Additionally, employees can ask questions at any time after they go live.
Awesome! We will just need a login for your system and we will work with your existing ticketing system.
Our standard business hours are 8am to 6pm in your designated local time zone. Response time is based on business hours and hours of service as outlined in our initial agreement. For example, an employee at a company that operates in one time zone and logs a ticket at 4pm will receive a response by 10am the next day with Level 2 Helpdesk and by 4pm the next day with Level 1 Helpdesk.
We can expedite critical requests but there is an additional $20 critical incident fee levied per ticket. Note that, given the time sensitivity, this request does not have to be verified by your company’s designated resource.
Normally what happens is, during our initial ticket conversation, we will inform you that the request is out of scope of your Helpdesk package and provide an estimate to complete the work to the designated resource at your company for approval. If the request is approved, the work will be completed. All updates will still be logged in Lading Helpdesk ticketing.
Sorry, no. All correspondences need to go through either Lading Helpdesk or your company’s ticketing system.
Standard payments terms are net 15 of the current month for the next month. For example, payment for August Helpdesk services will be due on July 15. Note that all payments are made by wire or ACH and any associated bank fees are to be paid by you the customer.
There is a three month minimum on all monthly Helpdesk plans and a six month minimum for all add on offerings. Rates are subject to change on term renewals and extensions.
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